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I-Light customisation
Highlight your promotion!

Velvet Experience!
Say it differently!

A totally new object with a
real three-dimensional soft and velvety customisation


All the space you need!

Customisable by digital print, silk print and tampo print. The barrel is 360° customisable and the clip can be printed on all the surface.
Made In Italy service allows short time delivery even
for large quantities, special productions and Pantone®
productions. Continue.....

a jewel... a timeless design

A timeless design with a precious finishing for a classic pen that provides plenty of space for customizations . Continue.....

DigItaly Print:
Just imagine...we can do it.

Our innovative digital printing technology has been applied to renovate pens and the result is a top-quality, highly appealing writing element. Continue.....

each pen ... a unique object

We introduce you a new customization service on the Aura Metal: direct digital printing allows to print pens one by one, each with a different name.Continue.....

Going Green

Let's protect the environment to safeguard the future of our planet.

Direct Digital Print

100% made in italy
100% recycled ABS
High resolution pictures perfectly reproduced even for small quantities.


Velvet Experience! e-venti Aura Metal DigItaly Bank DigItaly Thera Fluo DigItaly Thera Metal Frost Thera Recycled DigItaly Thera Recycled White Thera Recycled White DigItaly
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