Communication 3.60

In a world that is constantly evolving, messages must reach people in a clear and immediate way, through emotional experiences. This is the basis of the new millennium communication and Erga makes full use of its 50 years of experience in production and customisation of promotional pens, in order to offer you high-quality products and designs in support both of innovative and traditional printing techniques. From monochrome or multicolour silk-screen printing, to represent any pattern through voids and fillings of colours, to digital printing, to reproduce the same patterns to the last detail with a photographic effect. Through the 3D customisations, communication becomes experience: I-Light is a shiny relief printing, while Velvet is the soft customisation that combines three-dimensionality with the softness of velvet, developing textures with the support of 360° silk-screen printing, to offer you a new emotional communication and to make your message unique.

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